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Sales Reports
Save time and money by cutting visits to your shop just to check your sales. Compare your sales from different periods so that you can make better sales projections.
Stock Management
Save your stock items from stock theft. Track every item in your shop. Get low stock notifications instantly and avoid disappointing your customers
Multiple Location Management
Ever wondered how you can be in more than one place at the same time? ZPOS makes it possible! Monitor your multiple shop locations from your mobile phone and make instant business decisions.
Customer Accounts
Track your customers. Know who they are and what they buy so that you can tailor your service to them. What if they need to get something on credit? ZPOS can help you track your credit customers.
Cloud Backups
Connect the device to the internet and ZPOS will take care of the rest.
Offline First
The shop App was designed to work with limited internet connectivity.
Sync to Multiple Devices
Install ZPOS on multiple devices in different locations and still be upto date.

Our Products

The best way to manage your business


Is your complete shop management system. Best of all - it's free. Simply download it from the playstore and start recording all transactions happening in your shop.

Record sales, keep track of credit customers, offer discounts, add new stock, save transactions to process later, cash, card or mobile money and much more.


Which stands for "ZPOS Analytics" is a shop owner's reporting app. It allows your shop keepers to work with minimal interference whilst giving you power to oversee your business performance straight from your phone. See your reports, add users, edit prices or add stock straight from your phone without ever visiting your shop.

Imagine being on holiday in another town whilst still being in control of your business. Yes - that's the freedom that Zana accords you!

ZPOS Hospitality

Is yours a restaurant, bar or any type of hospitality business? We got you! We offer the best hospitality POS software in conjuction with our Turkish partners.

Manage customer tables, handle takeaways or deliveries, customize reports, manage your waiters and waitresses, send kitchen orders without going to the kitchen, recipe management alongside inventory management and much more.

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ZPOS Admin


699 /Yr

  • Remote access
  • Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Multiple Locations
  • Stock Reconciliations
  • Export Reports to PDF
  • Share reports direct to WhatsApp
  • Purchases
  • Manage Products & Product Categories

ZPOS Admin


Coming Soon

  • Everything in Standard plus
  • Web Based
  • Support for wide screens
  • Reports Export to CSV
  • More detailed reports
  • Supplier Management
  • Multiple terminals in single location
  • Charts
  • Email notification
  • Push notifications
  • and many more

ZPOS Hospitality

4000 /Yr

  • Personnel password authentication
  • Unlimited menus, categories and products
  • Creation of products and product groups
  • Taking order by clicking on the product pictures
  • Group, split or merge orders
  • Fast sale feature from cash register
  • Printing from cash register and kitchen printers
  • Find a full list of features here

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